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Fresh Start Finance LTD was established in 2007 to cater to the needs of people who need help organising vehicle finance.

As finance has changed, so has Fresh Start Finance LTD and we cater to a range of clients from beneficiaries to business professionals and everyone in-between! All our clients are treated with the same fantastic personal service and we can organise your finance from start to finish.

Whether you are buying from a Licensed Dealer or purchasing Privately or Online, we can help.


Loan Protection Insurance can protect you from the unpredictable events that life sometimes throws at us.

There is a range of cover that can be put in place and incorporated in your vehicle loan for you at an additional cost but with peace of mind benefits.

Covering the unexpected and unforeseen items such as, Redundancy, Illness, Disablement, Death, Bankruptcy, Business interruption etc.  There is a cover that can meet your needs.

We can also help you insure your new purchase with the friendly people at AMI INSURANCE who we can organise to contact you and arrange all your vehicle insurance ( and other insurance needs ) over the phone.


Fresh Start Finance LTD is proud to be associated with PROTECTA INSURANCE for Mechanical Warranties to protect your new vehicle purchase.  Ask us for a competitive pricing structure for protecting your new vehicle.

1 Year , 2 Year and 3 Year Mechanical Warranties are available ( For peace of mind motoring )


Fresh Start Finance LTD deals with the best and only the best dealers are who we recommend you purchase your vehicle from.

We have a range of dealers who are prepared to help you with your new car purchase and even trade in your existing older model car as well.

We can even have you shopping with a PRE APPROVAL LIMIT that allows you to shop where you want.

Contact us and we can direct you to a friendly dealer who you can trust or let us know the vehicle you are after and let us help you find it.


"You deserve a fresh start"


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